RGA/FIS Member Coupon Processing Program

Food Industry Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Retail Grocers Association, have been processing manufacturer coupons for our members for over 40 (forty) years. The program helps support the Association members with what has been described as the "Best in class in the U.S." by a major processor here in the states.

Food Industry Services Coupon Redemption Service continues to provide the retailer with an efficient, cost effective, service oriented program for handling your manufacturer coupons.

• Timely payment
• Counterfeit Coupon Notifications
• Assistance with Chargebacks

The retailer will be reimbursed for the full face value of the coupons plus a portion of the handling fees as determined in the schedule.

FIS Digital Couponing

Food Industry Services, Inc., has launched the Digital Coupon Program and is working closely with the advertising groups at AWG. FIS processes digital coupons for any retailer that has the capabilities within their marketing program. FIS has many stores and an advertising group taking advantage of the latest in digital coupon redemption. As usual, your RGA membership and the FIS Coupon Program offer you the most cost effective process for digital coupons the same way it does for paper coupons.

We look forward to providing you with a coupon processing program designed
specifically for grocery and convenience store retailers.

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