Ad Plan Software Program

RGA's Technology Partner, MarketSmart RGA, provides custom file from your wholesaler or corporate office that will allow you to import the electronic ad directly into your front end system. We can also track what items that have special deals like BOGO or Percentage off. The imported batch's can also include TPR's and long term price changes.

When your Ad Coordinator is away from work due to vacation or sickness, we can help train the backup employee to ensure that you lose no time getting the ad's into your POS system.

For more information, feel free to contact Jon McCormick 913-226-8020 or Craig Kassing at 816-522-3993.

RGA/FIS In-Store Marketing through Ad and Shelf Signs, Shelf Labels

RGAFIS and MarketSmart RGA have developed an in-store marketing and sign program including shelf labels that will not only save you money, but also will let you customize your store through creative signage and store specific labels.

Custom signage, Custom labels and the ability to take control of your raw stock cost, printed sign costs and most importantly your labor costs, make for a great RGA/FIS in-store marketing and sign program. For more details, contact Jon McCormick 913-226-8020 or Craig Kassing at 816-522-3993.

We look forward to providing you with an ad plan software and/or in-store
marketing program designed specifically for grocery and convenience store retailers.

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